Tag: Performance Monitoring

Review/Perspective: IOS Troubleshooting

1.3.a Use IOS troubleshooting tools

  • 1.3.a [i] debug, conditional debug
  • 1.3.a [ii] ping, traceroute with extended options
  • 1.3.a [iii] Embedded packet capture
  • 1.3.a [iv] Performance monitor

Debug, Conditional Debugs

All CCIE relevant debug commands are compiled on the BeThePackets Wiki at:


Ping and Traceroute and Embedded packet capture

Ping and Traceroute configurations can be found on the BeThePackets Wiki at:



Performance monitor

Performance Monitoring allows you to monitor the status of network flows to inform you of potential issues that could cause problems with other specific network applications such as Voice and Video.

Configuration can be found on the BeThePackets Wiki at: