Review/Perspective: Implement and Troubleshoot VLAN

2.1.c Implement and troubleshoot VLAN

  • 2.1.c [i] Access ports
  • 2.1.c [ii] VLAN database
  • 2.1.c [iii] Normal, extended VLAN, voice VLAN

Layer 2 Switchports can be used for the following:

  • Access Ports – One VLAN – This port will not dynamically negotiate a trunk since its statically set to a specific mode.  Access ports are by default applied to the native vlan (1) however you can statically assign a specific VLAN for the access port to participate in by configuring it under the interface as well.

    • show int <interface> switchport – shows all attributes of the access port.
      sh int x switchport - access.PNG
  • VLAN Database – this file is saved in the NVRAM of the switch.  This preserves the VLAN information in case the switch loses power.  The VLAN database is saved in the VLAN.dat file.
  • Normal VLAN range is 1 – 1001
  • Reserved VLAN range is 1002 – 1005
  • Extended VLAN range is 1006 – 4094
  • Voice VLANs are used on access ports to trunk voice traffic on top of data traffic on an access port
    voice vlan.PNG



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