Tunneling Technologies: DMVPN

With scalability in mind for today’s networks, there is a growing need for technologies to secure transport of communication across multiple kinds of mediums which can be unsecured.  That is where Dynamic Multipoint VPN comes into play, the main benefit of DMVPN is it allows the traditional hub and spoke network design to support better scalability. Other benefits include:

  • Dynamic tunnels across hub and spoke  topologies
  • increased network performance
  • reduced latency
  • reduced router configuration
  • ability to dynamically add more tunnels to new sites without modification to hub router (zero touch)
  • dynamic ipsec encryption
  • dynamic spoke to spoke tunnels
  • support for routing protocols
  • support for multicast
  • VRF awareness
  • Supports MPLS
  • supports load balancing
  • automatic failover during network outages

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