OSPFv3: Graceful Shutdown

Graceful Shutdown in OSPFv3 accomplishes the same goal as OSPFv2 but has slightly different functions that are processed when the shutdown command is entered:

  • The interface begins sending Hello packets with the router priority set to 0, dropping the DR/BDR role where applicable
  • the interface stops accepting Hello packets
  • OSPF flushes all LSAs it originated except a type 1 LSA
  • it floods its type 1 LSA with all links in that lsa having the max cost of 65535
  • after the dead interval expires and all neighbors are dead it flushes its own type 1 LSA
  • it then stops sending and processing OSPFv3 packets

Instead of shutting down immediately like OSPFv2 does, it will allow the dead timer to expire until all neighbors are declared down.


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