EIGRP: Stub Routing

Stub routing is used to improve network stability and scalability.  It’s primarily used in hub and spoke networks and would only be configured on spoke routers.  routers configured as stub announce it in additional TLVs in EIGRP Hello messages.

Here are the results of configuring stub routers:

  • Stub routers do not advertise routes learned via EIGRP to its neighbors except those specified in a leak-map.  This prevents stubs from being considered Feasible Successors for remote networks.
  • Stub routers advertise only its own EIGRP enabled networks to its neighbors.  These prefixes are denoted as eigrp stub in  the configuration.
  • Neighbors of a stub router are aware of the stub status, and will never send Query packets to a stub router, this prevents neighbors from converging/diffusing through a stub router to a remote network.



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