EIGRP: Named Mode

Starting with release 15.0(1)M the EIGRP process was updated to support and be configured using named mode.  All future features for EIGRP are only supported using the named mode format of configuration.  Classic mode or Autonomous System mode is preserved and still configurable to support backwards compatability.

Named mode allows you to designate an EIGRP process with a name as opposed to a number or autonomous system.

EIGRP named mode is similar to BGP, as it will contain one or more address family sections specifying details of the EIGRP operation for each specific address family.  Named mode also has commands under the process configuration allowing every single feature of EIGRP to be configured.  Consolidating the EIGRP configuration to a single location in the routers configuration.

Named mode is configured using the ‘router eigrp name’ command, where name is the virtual instance name of the EIGRP process.  Only a single instance of an address family can be configured in each EIGRP process, for example you can’t have two seperate IPv4 address families in the same EIGRP process, you would need another EIGRP process for that scenario.

EIGRP has three sections that can be configured with commands.

  • Address Family Section
  • Address Family Interface Section
  • Address Family Topology Section

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