EIGRP Classic Metrics: Load

Load is an estimated metric of an interfaces that measures the amount of traffic flowing through an interface in relation to the maximum capacity of bandwidth configured on the interface.

Similar to reliability, Load is represented as a fraction in the ‘show interfaces’ output.  Where 255 means a fully loaded interface and 1 representing an empty interface.

since the interface can be differently utilized in either direction, there are two separate load metric counters, one for TXLoad, and one for RXLoad.

EIGRP calculates load into the  composite metric by comparing the advertised load of a neighbors interface to the load of the interface facing the neighbor and takes the higher value of the two.

Load is optionally calculated into the composite metric, and is also a snapshot of the load at the then current load when the route was advertised.  Load has no particular usability in EIGRP.


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