RIPv2: Feature Summary

  • General Characteristic
    • Classeless, distance vector, timer-driven routing protocol
  • Transport Protocol
    • UDP port 520
  • Metric
    • Hop Count, 15 hops is the Max usable metric, 16 hops is considered infinite
  • Hello Interval
    • None, RIPv2 relies on Full regular routing updates
  • Update destination
    • RIP Multicast
  • Update Interval
    • 30 Seconds
  • Full or Partial Updates
    • Full updates
  • Triggered Updates
    • yes, when routes change
  • Authentication
    • yes RIPv2 supports plain-text and MD5 authentication
  • Route Tags
    • Tags are applied to routes as they are redistributed into RIPv2
  • Net Hop field
    • Supports assignment of a next hop IP for a route, allowing the router to advertise a next hop router that is different from itself.

RIPv2 exchanges routes by sending RIPv2 updates on each RIPv2 enabled interface based on the Update timer.  a RIPv2 router advertises its connected routes as well as other RIPv2 learned routes that are in the routers routing table.


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